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Protecting Your Eyes

If you work in a hazardous environment like a construction zone or workshop or participate in ball sports or extreme sports—sturdy, shatter-and-impact-resistant eyewear is a must. This is particularly important when considering eye protection for both children and adults.

tennis largeDid you know…

  • Nearly half of traumatic eye injuries relate to ball sports
  • 45% of these occur in children under the age of 14
  • 90% of these are preventable

Polycarbonate is a lens material that is widely used for shatter-and-impact resistant lenses, and when combined with sturdy frame materials, makes for formidable eye protection.

There are hazards of sunlight and bright light that are harder to understand; namely, ultraviolet rays (UV) and Glare (extreme brightness). Protecting your eyes from these distracting, even dangerous elements is equally important to eye protection.

  • Protecting Your Eyes From UV Rays
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  • Protecting Your Eyes From Glare
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