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Using Medical Insurance Towards Eye Care | Longview, TX

man poking eye with paper airplaneAnnual eye exams with a local eye doctor often translates to new and existing patients as that time of year to evaluate prescription changes, new pairs of eyewear, refilling contact lens prescriptions, or simply a routine check-up. However, an optometrist is called an “eye doctor” for more than addressing visual clarity, they can assess and treat multiple eye conditions that many emergency rooms aren’t able to handle.

Whenever an eye health related issue arises, patients typically juggle whether to book an appointment with their eye doctor or whether the issue can wait a few weeks or months. Unfortunately, any concerns relating to eyesight go neglected as patients even when their medical insurance can help cover the cost of an eye exam.

Common issues that are generally covered by medical insurance include:

  • Dizziness
  • Eye Pain
  • Redness or Pink Eye
  • Styes or Chalazions

All of these situations can be evaluated by Dr. August Wallace for a diagnosis on how to address the issue. On rare occasions, no eye-related problem may be present. However, certain concerns or suspicions, such as a foreign object in the eye, requires removal within 24 hours before potential vision loss occurs.

Unsure if you have a medically related eye problem? Call our practice today to discuss your concerns, and how your medical insurance can play a role in improving your health.