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State Eyewear Eyeglasses in Longview, TX

Opticians Pick State LongviewInvesting in quality is a decision that most of us recognized as a good decision especially when workmanship and truly committed individuals put care into that work. Among various brands of eyewear, State eyewear has broken through the mold of mass-produced, factory-made mentality and has taken a spin on developing eyewear that relies on American values. Quality, commitment, dedication, and lasting.

A lot of products rely on flash or fashionable models to promote their latest eyewear, but State Eyewear doesn't want to build luxury products that have any lack of substance. This is why State Eyewear supports their line of eyewear with a lifetime guarantee from manufacturer defects because they stand behind their product in every way. One of the best things about the brand is that after purchasing one frame, you can rest assured that you can change just the lenses as time goes by to a new prescription without having to repurchase a whole new frame. This can save you money and shows the value and durability imparted in each pair by State Eyewear.

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State eyewer longviewSimply elegant. The fine polished attributed to each pair gives the line a classic feel of quality an American craftsman. Nothing too exotic but rather a design that people can recognize as stylish yet fit for every day to even nights out on the town. Although many people would turn to their preferred styles, we find that state eyewear offers a new take on how eyeglasses should work and function.  Not every pair of eyewear has a comfortable fit on top of one's face, whether it's the shape or the material used, State Eyewear uses a complex hard plastic material that gently rests over the nose. You can experience everyday clear vision with a natural feel, unlike metallic lens frames or cheap plastics that often end up bending, flaking, or a constant loose feeling.

If you appreciate talent, fine craftsmanship, an emphasis of quality, expertise in eyewear design, and ensuring long-term utility from each pair of eyeglasses, State Eyewear is a fantastic choice of luxury eyewear available at August Wallace Eyecare Associates.

Patients come from Marshall, TX to view the State Eyewear line!

State Optical Co. is the first-of-its-kind brand of luxury American eyewear that is designed and manufactured exclusively in the United States. The passion of State Optical Co. is to emphasize the quality, individuality, and authenticity in having a dream and pursuing it. The sun and optical frames are handcrafted to offer character, inspiration, and originality - frames that are deserving of the individuals who wear them.

The State Optical Co. brand was born from the motivation to accomplish an improbable dream and blaze a new trail despite being told that it can’t be done.  As the first and only luxury eyewear brand created entirely on American soil, each frame is created with a passion and love of the craft and the highest quality materials.

Each frame undergoes over 75 steps and hundreds of hours of manufacturing - the composite effort of a team of artisans and craftsmen who are defying the odds against them. The frames, like the people who wear them, are beautiful, challenging, inspirational, authentic and original, representing a progressive and modern image of where we are heading.  State Optical Co. eyewear is made for the individuals who wish to be recognized for what they do, not just what they wear; for those who appreciate that how your frame is made is just as important as how it looks.

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