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Specialty Contact Lenses Longview, TX

Dr. August Wallace eye exam with patient 1

Did your last optometrist say that you couldn’t wear contact lenses? Meet our contact lens specialist for a second opinion.

Visiting an optometrist or ophthalmologist might not mean anything to a person, except that they're visiting an eye doctor. However, as with any profession,  sometimes you'll meet and Industry expert. In regards to eye care, Dr. August Wallace is the contact lens specialist of Longview Texas.

What does a contact lens specialist do?

Dr. Wallace has assisted a number of patients with:

  • eye emergencies
  • eye pain
  • severe dry eyes
  • haloes
  • blurry vision
  • dizziness
  • corneal irregularity (keratoconus, corneal dystrophy, post corneal transplant)

What's a corneal irregularity?

Most corneas of the eye are aspheric, which means they have a nearly round shape to provide clear vision. When the cornea changes shape in an irregular way, this makes it difficult for patients to utilize contact lenses and even basic eyeglasses. Eye doctors who don’t fit specialty contact lenses may simply turn patients away or tell them they can’t wear contact lenses.

By visiting a contact lens specialist like Dr. Wallace, however, he’ll be able to find a customized contact lens solution for you. Some lenses like scleral lenses can typically correct a corneal irregularity. Examples of corneal irregularities can be severe astigmatism, keratoconus, or a corneal dystrophy.

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For further information about contact lenses, contact our office today.