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Think you can’t wear Contact Lenses? Meet Dr. Wallace in Longview, TX

dr august wallace eye exam with patient 6At August Wallace Eyecare Associates in Longview, TX, our optometrist, Dr. August Wallace,  performs various contact lens fittings for patients of all types, from children through adults. However, unlike the standard optometrist, Dr. Wallace also handles special cases that require a more delicate, experienced approach.

Patients who experience an eye emergency often believe that they can refer to urgent care to stop eye pain. Unfortunately, no drug or medication can actually reduce eye pain - the eye doesn’t have the same nerve endings like the rest of the body. Although drowsiness could mask some of the problems, eye pain is better suited with a bandage contact lens. Dr. Wallace utilizes these specialty contact lenses to immediately slow or stop eye pain within a short while. Plus, as an expert in eye care, Dr. Wallace can diagnose and administer the proper steps to restore your vision to normal.

While a bandage contact lens can solve eye pain, there are patients who face a number of symptoms, such as haloes, blurry vision, dizziness, and occasional eye pain due to an irregular cornea. Advance cases of a corneal irregularity are often due to the eye disease, keratoconus. An unhealthy cornea, the outer surface of the eye, means that contact lenses that rest on the surface of the eye are not suitable. Standard contact lenses could move out of place and even case corneal scarring due to the uneven surface. Therefore, Dr. Wallace utilizes scleral lenses or hybrid lenses to help patients with corneal irregularities find relief and achieve amazing clarity.

If you’ve been told that you can’t wear contact lenses, schedule a contact lens evaluation with Dr. August Wallace in Longview, TX.